Non-metallic abrasives are substances or materials which don’t contain any metal contents. A Non-Metallic abrasive is highly demanded due to its best properties of Hardness, Toughness & Density.



Non-Scratching :

Non-metallic abrasives are less likely to cause scratches or damage to delicate surfaces compared to metallic abrasives. They are often used in industries where preserving the integrity of the material or surface being worked on is crucial, such as automotive, aerospace, or electronics.

Selective Removal :

Non-metallic abrasives can be selected based on their specific properties, allowing for precise control over the amount of material removed. This selectivity is especially useful when working with intricate or complex surfaces that require careful attention to detail.

Environmental Friendliness

Many non-metallic abrasives, such as walnut shells or glass beads, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They offer a sustainable alternative to metallic abrasives, which may contain harmful components or generate metal waste that requires proper disposal.


Reduced Contamination

Non-metallic abrasives are often used in industries where contamination from metallic particles is a concern. For example, in the electronics industry, metallic abrasives can leave residue or introduce foreign materials that may impact the functionality of electronic components. Non-metallic abrasives help mitigate this risk.


Surface Finishing

Non-metallic abrasives, such as glass beads or plastic media, are commonly used for surface finishing applications. They can produce a smoother, more uniform surface texture without altering the dimensions or shape of the object being treated. This is particularly important in industries where aesthetics or surface quality are critical.


Non-metallic abrasives can offer improved safety benefits compared to metallic abrasives. For example, certain non-metallic abrasives are less prone to sparking or generating heat, reducing the risk of fire or explosion in specific applications.

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