Brown Fused Alumina (BFA) is a popular raw material used in the manufacturing of refractory products. It is high-quality abrasive material with excellent hardness, toughness, and heat resistance, making it well-suited for various refractory applications. Due to its thermal properties like fire-proof & refractoriness its widely used in making Refractory Bricks, Furnace Lining in steel factories, Crucibles in Foundry, Heat Insulating Material, Ovens in Ceramics and much more. Our BFA BQ is high grade refractory alumina with high purity, high cleanness, Low Magnetic Content, chemical stability, high density, crystalized structure and acid resistant.

Our Product Standards

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Al2O3≥ 93.50% 95%
Fe2O3 ≤ 0.50%-
TiO2 ≤ 3.50%-
SiO2 ≤ 1.50%-
CaO ≤ 1.50%-
Other ≤ 0.1%-
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ColorDark Brown
NatureHard & Tough
Hardness≥ 9 Mohs
Sp. Gravity3.85-4.10 gm/cm3
Bulk Density1.5-2.1 gm/cm3
Melting Point2150oC
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3-6 Mesh
6-16 Mesh
16-70 Mesh
3-5 MM
5-8 MM
1-3 MM
0-1 MM
Other sizes available upon customer request.
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FEPA F StandardFEPA P Standard
EN ISO 11126-7DIN ISO 8486-1
DIN 8201-6 MIL A-A-59316
ANSI B74-12 JIS R6001
NF EN 4638D50TF5 Class A+D
DMR71-100NF L 06-829
ABR 9-0160CSS 12

Refractory Bricks and Shapes :

BFA is often used as a key ingredient in the production of refractory bricks and shapes used in high-temperature environments like furnaces, kilns, and industrial ovens. It provides strength, thermal stability, and resistance to thermal shock, making the refractory products more durable and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

Monolithic :

BFA is used in the formulation of monolithic refractories such as castables, gunning mixes, and ramming mixes. Monolithic refractories offer the advantage of easy installation and repair, and the addition of BFA enhances their performance under high-temperature conditions.

Refractory Coatings :

BFA can be used as an aggregate or filler in refractory coatings, which are applied to the surface of refractory materials to improve their resistance to corrosion, erosion, and slag attack.

Slide Gate Refractories :

In the steel industry, BFA is used in the production of slide gate plates and nozzles that control the flow of molten steel during casting processes. The material's high temperature stability and wear resistance are essential for the longevity and performance of these critical refractory components.

Refractory Mortars :

BFA is incorporated into refractory mortars used to bond refractory bricks and shapes together, ensuring a secure and thermally efficient lining in high-temperature environments.

Refractory Ramming Mass :

BFA is employed in the formulation of ramming masses, which are used for lining induction furnaces, arc furnaces, and other high-temperature equipment. The material provides mechanical strength and resistance to wear during the lining process.

The use of Brown Fused Alumina in refractory applications is driven by its high-temperature properties, superior hardness, and excellent thermal shock resistance. It enables the production of robust and reliable refractory materials that can withstand the harsh conditions of various industrial processes involving high temperatures, corrosion, and mechanical stress.


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